Canaves Oia Resort

Santorini – The Black Pearl of the Aegean

Escape to a place of incomparable beauty, born, literally,  from  the vowels of the Earth. With a wild, unprecedented landscape, and gentle touches of sugar cube architecture, soothingly sprinkled atop the volcanic scenery, Santorini island is a miracle of nature.

Stand atop the cliff of Santorini’s caldera at dusk and gaze out the cone-shaped volcano in the bay. As the sun settles slowly and fascinatingly into the sea , soak in the last rays of the day, full of volcanic vibrancy and charm.

As ones approaches the island, by ferry or catamaran, Santorini emerges studded with whitewashed houses reflecting the changing hues of the sunset in a magical palette. Reaching the magnificent caldera , the astonishment of the dramatic scenery will take your breath away.

Experience collectors,  welcome to a world of mysteriously attractive beauty. Canaves Oia, luxury hotel Santorini beckons travellers to reveal the secrets of Santorini in a most enticing ambience.