RELAX & DETACH 2hrs & 10min €255
Spoil yourself from top to toe relishing in all that Canaves Oia Spa has to offer. The Bali Paradise Rasul ceremony is the perfect way to get started before any treatment. Combining freshly blended fruit extracts & milk powder that together create a beautiful mask for the entire body while aromatic steam & the starry sky offer a sense of healing and deep relaxation. A full body massage using
a unique rich oil blend with essences of papaya, lemon & frangipani combined with a touch of cream give the mind and body the perfect & complete aftercare. A Valmont express facial is lastly introduced to leave your inner self beaming with radiance & energy.

JET LAG RECOVERY 1hr & 25min €180
This ultimate recovery treatment is everything your body needs to re-energize and enjoy your holiday. We begin with an exhilarating full body exfoliation to stimulate cell metabolism & promote the breakdown of toxins that is followed by an empowering full body massage combined with a cooling eye mask, leaving you light as a butterfly.

FRANGIPANI LOVERS 1hr & 45min €210
An impeccable treatment for those who wish to be seduced by the divine scent of Frangipani flowers that will take you into a dream world of gardens, calming your senses and empowering you with happiness. Your journey begins with a head to toe full body scrub induced with frangipani flowers and coconut that brush away dead skin cells leaving you with a silky-smooth complexion. You then continue with a full body deep tissue massage using warm frangipani oil and cooling frangipani cream while your hair is treated with enriched nourishing milk for some extra TLC. An ultimate therapy to truly unwind & indulge in pure relaxation.