DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE 30min €65 / 55min €135 / 1hr & 20min €165
Alleviate stress, ease aching muscles and revive the senses with this powerful deep tissue massage that encourages optimum circulation. Dynamic blends of essential oils and the level of pressure are customized to match individual needs.

AROMATHERAPY 55min €130 / 1hr & 20min €160
Stimulate your senses and motivate your mind. Relaxing massage techniques are designed to calm & unwind your senses using essential oils from plants, flowers & seeds. Aromatherapy also helps those who suffer from insomnia and depression.

HOTSTONE MASSAGE 1hr & 15min €150
This head-to-toe thermal treatment using frangipani oil harnesses the touch of warm basalt lava stones and the superb benefits of the heat on the body. Feel yourself float into deep relaxation as the tension in your muscles disappears. An extraordinary experience you will want to repeat.

Honey contains vast amounts of vitamins & minerals and acts as a humectant when in contact with the skin. The honey has a gluing quality which provides us to use special techniques related to cupping which stimulates reflex zones, improves circulation and helps the removal of toxins. It is a holistic alternative to a chiropractor for a sore back or other aches & pains.

LAVA SHELL MASSAGE 1hr & 15min €150
A LAVA Shells treatment takes you on a journey unlike any other. The radiant heat melts away tight muscles while soothing aromatherapy oils calm the mind and envelop the senses. You may not always find time for that well-deserved vacation, but you can treat your mind and body to one.

Surrender yourself to a magical warm candle massage with an exquisite perfumed ambiance, creating a truly memorable experience. This creamy oil wax deeply nourishes the skin whilst a combination of various massage pressures, stretches and continuous movements, relaxes the muscular system, eliminating daily stress and turning it into a sensorial escape.

MOTHER -TO-BE MASSAGE 1hr & 15min €135
Nurture your body at this precious time with a specifically designed massage to treat muscle aches, reduce fluids and enhance the mind and body, bringing back balance & wellness. We work gently to melt away fatigue and reveal a new you.

A unique Indian Head Massage Ritual based on ancient Ayurvedic system that is designed to balance the energy levels by targeting specific pressure points on the back, neck, face & scalp. We start with a back massage to eliminate muscle tension & stress of everyday life followed by the perfect synergy of a Scalp massage in a combination with a Goat Milk hair bath as an optimum hair treatment establishing a deeply profound sense of relaxation.

A foot & leg massage which cures swelling from overdue periods of standing or excessive sport. Pressure points & rhythmic movements decrease feelings of heaviness whilst a refreshing balm eases tired joints, stimulates blood circulation allowing you to soon get started again.