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Top 5 romantic things to do while in Canaves Oia

Canaves – Valentine’s Day

Top 5 romantic things to do while in Canaves Oia

It’s that time of year again… love is on everyone’s mind. Thoughts of chocolates, red roses and ‘happily ever after’ swirls around in our brains. We can hardly think of a better place for a romantic getaway than Santorini. The beaches, the sun, the gorgeous natural paradise, the food, you name it – everything is perfectly calibrated for that ideal vacation. If you’re looking for romantic things to do in the island, check out a few of our suggested activities at Canaves Oia Santorini.
Experience unforgettable romantic moments in the most intimate of settings. Blending spectacular vistas of the charming Caldera with over the top accommodation and impeccable service, those luxury suites in Oia, Santorini will charm even the most eclectic guests. Yet, what

Sunset Sailing Cruise

The sunset in Santorini is famous worldwide for painting the sky in unique tones, crafting a breathtaking palette in the Aegean. During evenings, several spots get crowded with people gathering to watch it. No matter the crowd, everyone hushes to enjoy the tranquility of the moments while the sun fades into the sea. Yet nothing matches the experience of a luxury Sunset sailing cruise! Imagine the delight to be on board and witness the ethereal sunset with your beloved one. Set sail and savor Santorini’s breathtaking sunset, enjoying the tranquility of the moments while the sun fades into the sea.

The Ultimate Dinning Experience at Panorama Balcony

An intimate gourmet dining experience in a most spectacular setting. Enveloped by the eternal blue sky and the infinite blue sea, the Panorama Balcony invites romantic couples to the ultimate stellar dining experience with exceptional gourmet creations from our refined restaurants. Secluded and intimate above majestic views, the Panorama balcony can host weddings and private events as well.

Special Room Decoration (Flowers & Candles)

Romance is almost impossible without ‘setting the stage’ appropriately. Staging your rooms will go a long way toward making your stay as romantic as possible for your guests. Make your other half feel special by letting us great a unique synthesis of flowers and candles in the comfort of your own room or suite.

Champagne & Chocolates

The question is how best to share the love with your other half? A romantic city break? A poetically written love letter? Incorrect. The answer is: chocolate. And lots of it. Embrace the cliché and indulge in some delicious selections. A beautiful basket filled with delightful champagnes, decadent chocolates, and a variety of exquisite treats, are sure to make your sweetheart weak in the knees.

Propose Under The Starlit Sky

The wedding may be the public event but where – and how – you propose can create the most special memory. Propose to your loved one in an intimate romantic setting like no other. From the dreamy beaches of the island, the tropical allure of Oia to awe-inspiring accommodations, Canaves offers a myriad of stunning locales that will make your proposal an unforgettable moment.
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