Canaves Oia Hotels Sustainability

A thoughtful present, a brighter future!


All our properties are blessed to belong in the beautiful island of Santorini. A gem of our history, our civilization and one of the most visited places in Greece during the summer. Our efforts of preserving the beauty and the wellbeing of this place are constantly growing. We are committed to help and support not only the environment but also the local community in every way possible. For us, being thoughtful of our environment and socially responsible for locals is a way of life rather than a trend that will gradually fade out in time. We have an array of environmental initiatives and we invite you to support and assist us for a brighter future. 


Our recycling program includes a range of materials and amenities that we recycle and we make sure that all waste is correctly disposed of. In collaboration with the local authorities we recycle all bottles, cans and paper we use. We also use the bespoke recycling scheme of Nespresso to recycle all the capsules our guests use. You can derive more information about the Nespresso recycling program here. We will continue to adapt and take the extra steps to recycle and inspire others to do the same.

Plastic Free

We aim to be plastic free in all of our properties. The elimination of single-use plastic (plastic straws and bottles) reduced a significant amount of plastic waste. We have removed all single use plastic items from our kitchens and instead of plastic straws and are using either biodegradable or wheat or bamboo or paper straws. In all our suites, we use biodegradable bags for waste and  in all back of house facilities when possible. In 2021, in response to all the added packaging waste of hotel mini bottles, we set out to create our own branded amenities having full control of the contents as well as choosing to use biodegradable bottles .We are also in the process of transitioning to biodegradable and compostable options for all other plastic collaterals. Although covid-19 measures slowed down our efforts, our goal is to be completely plastic free by the end of 2025. 

Paper Free

We try to be as paper free as we can. In 2020 we developed a web app for all guests procedures to be contactless and online. So we eliminated the use of paper significantly. 

Eco – friendly Housekeeping

For our housekeeping services we use certified and eco-friendly products from EcoLab that are made using sustainable manufacturing practices and naturally derived, safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable ingredients that don’t negatively impact the environment or our health. Moreover, the extensive use of water on the island already results in suffering from it and our actions should be focused on this issue. For that reason our housekeeping staff places environment-friendly cards on top of guest bed sheets and toilets to encourage customers to use the hotel’s products and services in an environmentally friendly way.

Power Saving Buildings

We always look into power saving and eco-friendly buildings. We have already transitioned to LED lighting in all property areas and back-of-house spaces. The reduction of utility cost and carbon footprint is already significant. At Canaves Oia Epitome, we have implemented BMS technology to monitor and control the building’s energy needs producing greater energy savings. We are in the process of implementing this technology to the rest of our properties.

We implemented advanced heat recovery systems to heat up the rooms pools & plunge pools in all properties. This way we did not only increase the energy efficiency of our properties but also contribute to reducing overall energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Investing on a desalination plant Canaves Epitome is independent when it comes to freshwater supplies, drought resilient but also contributes in a reduced impact on energy overconsumption and transportation of sourcing water in the area.


In our Spa massage treatments we use Valmont products, a scientific brand that always strives to find innovative ways to minimize their environmental impact. Their sustainability program is solid and significant. You can see more here . We also use Kurland cosmetics for our spa experiences, a wide range of natural skincare products. Kurland products have always been eco-friendly, using only natural ingredients, sustainable packaging and products, free of parabens, paraffins and PEG’s. Last but not least, we sell Coola sunscreen organic products. A brand with sustainable packaging and products that follow sustainable farming practices and support the local communities. It’s also important to highlight that our suncare pool-use products satisfy reef-friendly requirements, removing all harmful ingredients that have damaging effects on our beloved oceans and coral reefs.

Staff Actions

Sustainability is a contagious attitude. We take action along with our staff and do beach cleanings, waste collection in the hike path of Oia and other eco – friendly activities. These actions help our team bond but also protect the environment of Santorini that we really love. In October 2021, we organized and run a beach clean up at Ammoudi bay in collaboration with All For Blue organization. We collected waste from the main road, the beach and underwater with the help of professional divers. You can read more about this action here 

Gastronomy & Bars

We source most of our products from the local community and always focus on offering seasonal and fresh ingredient-based dishes. We are also putting all our efforts to reduce food waste from our restaurants in collaboration with food scraps, oil disposal companies. At our bars we even make our own soda using leftovers from our bar preparations. 

Supporting the local community

For us, sustainability and caring for our environment is much more than recycling and building power saving buildings. One of our main targets is to support the local community by improving the lives of the Santorini citizens in every aspect we can. For that reason, hiring local employees is one of our priorities. Thus, we give opportunity to young people to work in a hospitality organization that attracts tourists from all over the world. We are also partnering with local producers and companies in order to contribute to the local economy and be zealous ambassadors of the local products (Santorini wine, PDO products). Moreover, most of our funding projects are supporting local initiatives and actions.